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The Beach Oasis in Magaluf


Zhero Beach Club is your place to be this summer. Drop by for a relaxed hangout with chilling music and nice company just across the beach of Magaluf. Take a swim in the mediterranean sea and fresh up with a drink at the pool. Stretch out on comfortable sun loungers, order fresh fruits or have lunch in a very good restaurant under old pinetrees. Enjoy healthy salads, sushi, seafood and entrecotes prepared by our chefs. Book a reservation for dinner and fine wines in the evening. Become part of the Zhero lifestyle experience.Entrance free.


Zhero Boathouse is a relaxed place in a vivid surrounding

Celebrate your perfect summer holiday with excellent food and drinks at this outstanding beach club in Magaluf. The service team puts great emphasis on respect and good manners at Zhero venues. Experience magnificient moments in the shade of old pinetrees with your loved ones. Open from 11 pm into the night.


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  • #zheroboathouse 🐠 guest Foto by 
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  • A tiny small pool and the open sea is all you need to beat the summer heat. #zheroboathouse
  • Beef carpaccio, the most perfect style starter. #zheroboathouse
  • #zheroboathouse has also been the birthplaces of some of the best cocktails on the island.
  • Feel the fantastic summer energy at #zheroboathouse !
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  • Our beach mansion offers comfy sunbeds, great food and a good service. #zheroboathouse
  • One of the best beach drink is our Mojito , it's so refreshing ! #zheroboathouse